Hannaford Bros. goes live with intelligent outbound solution

Hannaford Brothers Co., a supermarket chain based in New England, has successfully deployed Supply Chain Intelligence's Outbound Shipment Intelligence system across its enterprise to improve its transportation function. The retailer deployed the system on a central server at its corporate headquarters but is being operated by Hannaford Trucking Co. representatives at the distribution centers using standard web browsers, giving users at a facility in Florida the same access to the system as users at the Maine facility.

"We'd been looking for a new system for several years to replace our aging system, but hadn't found one that matched our needs until we scrutinized Supply Chain Intelligence's system," says Pam Goode, Hannaford’s manager, transportation support systems. With the what-if capabilities resident in the system, Hannaford can model and refine its delivery mechanism to reduce transportation costs, and also improve its service to the stores."



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