IBSS teams with Arthur Blank & Co on RFID solution for retailers

Integrated Business Systems and Services Inc. (IBSS), developer of the Synapse technology framework for radio frequency identification (RFID) applications, has teamed up with Arthur Blank & Co. Inc., a provider of card marketing solutions, on a joint strategy for a new RFID point of service and customer loyalty data management solution for the retail and services industries.

The new RFID solution, based on the Synapse web-enabled framework for rapid deployment of real-time transaction processing, will include RFID cards from Arthur Blank & Co. With RFID-embedded plastic cards, the new platform created by IBSS will offer an RFID retail application that stores a customer's service transactions and loyalty data on a single card.

One of the first deployments of this stored transaction RFID card system is scheduled for early fall and includes a current IBSS customer -- Midnight Auto service and repair shops. Midnight Auto already uses the Synapse platform to integrate data from a host of auto parts suppliers and franchisees.

The newly added RFID capabilities rely on RFID cards from Arthur Blank that will store a customer's account number, profile and a record of the last five service visits. By using an RFID card at the point of service, consumers allow service representatives to pull up their service information on a wireless tablet computer, instantly checking them in and offering a range of service options on a menu-driven system.

One of the other anticipated applications for the Synapse RFID platform is a "line busting" preferred customer stored value card, which will speed users through the ordering and payment process at a drive-thru or store and minimize overproduction and waste for the company. Another potential application is a customer loyalty prepaid gift card and kiosk application to heighten customer retention and build traffic by allowing users to view their accumulated loyalty points at an RFID-enabled kiosk and choose from a list of loyalty awards such as movie passes or coupons. With the certificate printed directly from the kiosk, the application allows for increased consumer convenience.



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