Keeping track of your hours

Keeping track of
your hours

Software providers are offering means for tracking and managing time spent in moving shipments from one point to another, particularly important in avoiding increased charges based on driver time used. As drivers spend time waiting for loading and unloading at customer facilities, costs for time lost are passed back by carriers to shippers. Here are two solutions available for private fleets or any carriers in need of monitoring driver time.

In reaction to the new hours of service (HOS) rules, TMW Systems Inc. ( ) has added Detention Tracking to its TMWSuite enterprise offering. The tracking feature automatically notifies dispatch and customers when a truck is being detained. If contracts permit, detention time charges are automatically billed where warranted. Reports generated aid in comparing charges and costs throughout the customer base. Neither carriers nor customers want additional charges for detention, so the carrier can work with customers, demonstrating reasons for extra charges in the hope that they may be eliminated through more efficient loading and unloading.

Web Scheduler from Logistics Management Solutions ( allows shippers to track carrier arrival and departure times, and to compare scheduled and actual time used to load. It is highly scalable, being able to track inbound and outbound shipments for one or many manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses. Web-based, current data is visible to all authorized personnel, whether carrier, customer or facility manager.

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May, 2004

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