Kraft Foods Selects Container Management Solution

CHICAGO – May 21, 2003 – TrenStar, Inc. announced today at Distribution/Computer EXPO that Kraft Foods Inc. has selected its Global Container Management L.L.C. (GCM) unit to acquire additional Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and provide an upgraded container management solution at the North Lawrence, New York facility.

Kraft has extended by four years an original three-year contract signed with TrenStar and Kraft suppliers in March 2001 for implementation at the North Lawrence facility of TrenStar’s container management solution, TrenStarCM. As part of the extended contract TrenStar will supplement existing bar codes with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to track 800-liter stainless steel IBCs in use by Kraft suppliers.

“RFID technology gives Kraft a level of flexibility and reliability that bar coding alone can not provide. The introduction of hands-off, ‘invisible’ scanning means no human intervention and 100 percent scanning compliance and accuracy,” said TrenStar’s Manager of Food Solutions Jim Krigbaum. “Food manufacturers can benefit immensely when RFID is used to capture data on location, dwell times and turn frequency on the IBC, thereby providing the necessary data to allow for improvement in production and inventory management within their supply chains.”

TrenStarCM provides a precise level of data on each container and is fully Web-enabled to allow Kraft and its suppliers to view data that was previously uncollected and unanalyzed. TrenStar’s container unit handles the retrieval at North Lawrence of empty IBCs and delivers them to contracted Kraft fruit preparation suppliers. Kraft’s North Lawrence facility produces Breyers and the new Crème Savers yogurt product lines.

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