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Leviton Expands Deployment of CoCreate's OneSpace Collaboration Worldwide

FORT COLLINS, Colo., and SINDELFINGEN, Germany - March 3, 2003 - CoCreate Software, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative product development software, today announced that electromechanical device-maker Leviton Manufacturing Company of Little Neck, N.Y., will deploy CoCreate Software's OneSpace Collaboration to all of its U.S. and overseas manufacturing facilities.

Leviton first implemented OneSpace Collaboration-which allows real-time, Web-based viewing, editing and annotating of CAD designs-in five of its manufacturing plants one year ago. Since then, the company has improved product development processes and saved money in reduced travel costs.

By extending the technology to development and design staff throughout the corporation, Leviton expects to significantly increase its development cost savings while further streamlining development lifecycles.

"In areas where OneSpace Collaboration technology is implemented, product development cycle times are reduced," said Harcharan Bagga, director of engineering databases, Leviton. "Travel costs are reduced substantially, while at the same time our ability to innovate delivers other cost benefits." For example, on many occasions OneSpace Collaboration meetings result in innovations that may save the company thousands of dollars in tooling and other costs.

Now Leviton, which provides more than 20,000 different products and employs thousands of people worldwide, will realize those benefits on a global basis. "Leviton's business is designing state-of-the-art electrical wiring devices and connectivity and communications products," says Bagga. "So we pride ourselves in understanding how OneSpace Collaboration improves processes and kindles innovation."

"CoCreate's OneSpace Collaboration demonstrates the 'best of breed' solution to address key elements of PLM. It's proven a great fit, and we're excited about extending its benefits to all our engineers worldwide."

"Winning companies grow by investing in the development of innovative products," said William M. Gascoigne, CoCreate CEO. "Leviton and other industry front-runners recognize that CoCreate's software facilitates the collaborative design approach necessary for creating great new products."

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