Lunds and Byerly’s Supermarkets Opts for Scan-Based Trading

Park City Group, a developer of retail supply chain solutions and services, today announced that Supermarket retailers Lunds and Byerly’s, which together have over 20 stores in Minnesota, have selected Park City Group’s Consumer Driven Sales Optimization platform in support of its scan-based trading (SBT) initiative. The goal of the initiative is to increase sales, better manage expenses and reduce shrinkage.

“Scan-based trading is an important strategy for our supermarkets to enhance operations, improve the business we conduct with our suppliers, and grow our cash flow and profitability,” explains Phil Lombardo, vice president of sales and marketing for Lund Food Holdings Inc., which operates 10 Lunds and 11 Byerly’s supermarkets in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.

Park City Group’s SBT platform is a means to align retailer operations with the interests of their supplier communities. SBT provides trading partners with a competitive advantage through scan sales visibility that sets the supply chain in motion. SBT is a procurement strategy that aims at improving sales results while minimizing or eliminating inventory. The Park City Group solution is designed to enable retailers to have shared visibility with suppliers of store/item level shrink, perpetual inventory and accurate daily point-of-sale data.

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