Manhattan Associates partners with Matrics to deliver RFID solutions

Manhattan Associates Inc., a provider of supply chain execution solutions, and Matrics Inc., a developer of electronic product code (EPC)-compliant radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, have formed a strategic alliance to accelerate adoption of RFID technology throughout the consumer goods supply chain.

The primary goal of this strategic alliance is to help clients reduce overall costs and increase profitability by combining RFID tag and reader technology, with RFID-enabled supply chain execution solutions. The benefits to customers include improved accuracy and distribution efficiencies, shorter order cycle times, elimination of unnecessary handling and expenses and enhanced customer satisfaction.

RFID technology uses tags or transponders to transmit EPCs and communicate wirelessly to readers over radio frequency waves. Attached to physical objects, including items, cartons, pallets and containers, the tags uniquely identify objects. Readers receive data from the RFID tags via radio frequency waves once the tags are within reading range. This data is captured, accepted and executed against by RFID-enabled supply chain solutions, such as those offered by Manhattan Associates.

The Matrics RFID system is comprised of EPC-compliant RFID tags (Class 0 read only and read/write) and its new, multi-protocol reader (AR 400 RFID Reader), which is designed to enable real-time, seamless tag reading and writing capability for all EPC-compliant tags including Class 0 and Class 1.

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