Marine Corps Exchange Improves Efficiency with TMS

Landair has launched a customized transportation management system (TMS) for the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) as part of a plan to improve the military retailer's supply chain efficiency.

"Over the next few months, the MCX may adjust business rules and synchronize replenishment schedules to focus on building multi-stop truckloads when and where it makes sense," explains Cindy Whitman Lacy, deputy director of MCX business operations. "The TMS determines scenarios to utilize pool points and cross-dock facilities, as well as optimize shipments. It may even change the way the MCX buys merchandise."

Bigger changes are still to come, according to Whitman Lacy. "Over the next five years we will be defining the processes that best fit our business model while focusing on improving transportation, warehouse and distribution management."

The Marine Corps Exchange currently operates 17 main exchanges as well as branch and convenience stores, service stations, clothing stores, and other facilities.

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