Miniature 2-D Barcode Scanner DENSO ADC

Miniature 2-D Barcode Scanner

DENSO ADC’s QB30 stationary 2-D barcode scanner combines high-speed scanning and small size with rugged, element-resistant construction. It is suitable for a crowded manufacturing or packaging line, or wherever high-speed scanning in a small form factor is required. It scans twice as fast as the previous QB20 model, and can scan moving objects, such as products or containers on a conveyor belt. A batch-scanning capability reduces inspection times in applications with multiple barcodes. The QB30 measures 2.4 inches high, 2.4 inches wide and 1.0 inches thick, making it usable in applications where space is limited. A wide-angle focusing lens enables placement of the unit as close as 1.6 inches away from the barcodes to be scanned.


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