NetSuite solution integrates e-commerce for multi-channel selling

NetSuite Inc. has announced NetCommerce, an on-line solution that integrates website and web store functionality with financials, warehouse management, sales and customer support systems. It integrates with NetSuite's front-office and back-office solution, and provides a complete view of a customer's interaction with a merchant by simply logging into a website. Its e-marketing capabilities offer help in acquiring new customers, as well as tracking the success of marketing efforts.

When a customer logs into a website built on NetSuite, they can see their entire history with that merchant, regardless of whether the interaction took place on-line or offline. With NetCommerce, web orders automatically update NetSuite to reduce inventory, notify the warehouse for shipping, create invoices for billing, and update customer records-eliminating the need to re-enter web orders into separate systems.

Since NetSuite websites are fed directly from a common internal system that integrates inventory, accounting and customer data, all information displayed on the web site -- pricing, stock levels, promotions and payment options -- is done in real-time.

NetSuite includes core NetCommerce functionality as a part of the base offering. Included in NetSuite are:
* Ability to generate template-based websites complete with pricing and inventory data held in NetSuite.
* Transaction capabilities including purchase orders and real-time credit card payments.
* Order management with fulfillment and billing workflow.
* Customer relationship management to record all transactions and interactions.
* Customer self-service portals to track shipments, view orders, and manage support issues.
* Affiliate and e-mail marketing tools and reports to manage marketing campaigns including click-through rates, ROI of each campaign and revenue generated from each partner.
* Personalized price lists and content.

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