New form factors in TI's transponders enable item-level RFID applications

Texas Instruments has introduced two additions to its line of 13.56 MHz Tag-It HF-I products: the 32.5 millimeter CD/DVD Inlay and the 24.2 millimeter Circular Inlay. Both inlays are compliant with the ISO/IEC 15693 vicinity card standard and the ISO/IEC 18000-3 item management standard, making them suitable for adoption worldwide.

RFID systems integrators are implementing TI's new 13.56 ISO/IEC inlays for end-user applications, including item-level management of electronic materials in libraries, pharmaceutical products and consumer products on retail shelves, as well as for patient identification in hospitals and patron ID, ticketing and wireless payment at entertainment venues.

The inlay's ultra-thin design allows them to be incorporated into a range of packaging materials, such as CDs/DVDs, plastic bottles, labels, cardboard boxes, wristbands and keyfobs.

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