New Infor Offering Speeds Import and Export of Goods

Infor (Alpharetta, Ga.), a provider of enterprise software, introduced “restricted party screening” software that enables companies to quickly identify parties subject to government regulations, speeding the delivery of international goods through U.S. borders.

The real-time, web-based supply chain solution automatically updates daily changes to government party lists, notifies users of possible supplier issues, provides a complete audit and history of shipment screening and enables the batch screening of customer lists, employees, suppliers and vendors.

"The global supply chain is a complex organism where one delay can cause problems throughout the network," said Eric Nilsson, v.p. of Infor Strategic Solutions Group product management. "Infor Restrictive Party Screening removes this bottleneck by automating the screening process to ensure compliance and security as well as speed goods flowing throughout the supply chain."

Users of the restricted party screening software can demonstrate to governments that they maintain a secure supply chain and are therefore eligible for programs such as C-TPAT, which expedite border clearance. The software supports multiple lists published by the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and United Nations. It can be used by itself or as part of Infor’s Transportation Management global supply chain software.

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