Private Truck Fleets Embrace Telematics

More private truck fleets are employing telematics to help drive down costs, according to industry leaders responding to a survey commissioned by PHH FirstFleet (, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.).

"Telematics" is a general term that describes a wide range of devices used in vehicles; most include a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) and telecommunications technology. In the survey, 60% of the fleet managers said they are adopting such devices to track equipment status and driver activities. Their top reason for adopting the technology was to track delivery times, followed by optimizing routes and fuel management and monitoring driver performance.

"Telematics is the trucking industry’s newest asset in the fight to curtail soaring prices that impact fleet profit margins. Private truck fleets are using the data available through telematics to understand fuel consumption, the effects of new engine emissions standards, and driver behavior," said Michael Lewis, president and general manager, First Fleet Corp. PHH FirstFleet is a dedicated truck group that combines the trucking capabilities of PHH Arval and First Fleet Corp.

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