ProMat Preview Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
ProMat Preview: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

ProMat Preview: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Daifuku Webb Holding Company, which consists of Jervis B. Webb Company and Daifuku Daifuku Webb Holding CompanyAmerica Corporation, will feature a live demonstration of its DUOSYS Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS).  This mini load AS/RS can act as a sortation system, buffering and sequencing items.  Speed is ensured by two cranes functioning simultaneously in the same aisle to maximize throughput.  The cranes operate independently, passing each other without interference to reach every rack position.  Multiple cranes are managed by a single off-board controller.  The DUOSYS remains in operation while maintenance is being performed on individual cranes.  Multiple systems can be stacked on top of each other, providing scalability.  
Daifuku Webb
Booth 1512

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DematicDematic will help booth visitors determine if their multichannel distribution strategy needs to be adjusted. Picking orders for internet fulfillment and picking orders for retail stores usually requires different configurations. But there are many ways to optimize the multichannel process by considering a combined distribution operation. The company will introduce attendees to a portfolio of warehouse logistics solutions for staging, replenishment, picking and shipping to help optimize multichannel distribution operations.
Booths 1203 & 1212

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Kardex Remstar's Logicontrol 100/200 machine control is designed specifically for smaller Kardex Remstar's Logicontrol 100/200 machine controlwarehouses and stand-alone solutions. For use with Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and Megamat RS vertical carousels, the Logicontrol combines hardware, basic software and an operator terminal into a touch-screen control. Logicontrol's two different versions match various user needs.
Kardex Remstar
Booth 3623

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Swisslog's Click&PickSwisslog's Click&Pick high-speed picking and selecting technology is specifically designed for e-commerce fulfillment. Orders can be filled up to five times faster than manual shelving systems, reaching 1,000 picks per selector per hour. With a ‘cubed-out' warehouse, a space reduction of 60 percent is possible compared to storing SKUs in static bin shelving. The system reduces warehouse noise and improves cleanliness.  Work stations present bins to operators at the right position to eliminate unnecessary bending and stretching.
Booth 2912

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