RedPrairie and GlobeRanger Announce OEM Agreement

Waukesha, WI - RedPrairie Corporation, a leader in global supply chain technology solutions that drive business transformation, and GlobeRanger, a leading provider of RFID Edgeware solutions, today announced an OEM Agreement. Under the Agreement, the partners have integrated their RFID solutions for advanced data collection, device and process management, enabling RedPrairie to expand its existing capabilities to provide customers the industry's most comprehensive RFID solutions. Under the Agreement, RedPrairie has built data management applications on top of GlobeRanger's iMotion edgeware platform. This solution is tightly integrated to RedPrairie's DigitaLogistix® suite of RFID-enabled supply chain execution and optimization solutions. Mike Dempsey, Industry Strategy Leader at RedPrairie says, "Our partnership with GlobeRanger allows us to expand our RFID product suite, giving customers an advanced solution for RFID, barcode and sensor data and device management. The integration was facilitated through DLx® Integrator, which is also used for integration to business applications and host systems. This creates a seamless package that is easy for customers to implement and maintain." GlobeRanger's workflow functionality enables the management of fixed, mobile and wireless RF and RFID readers, providing a single unified source for edge data. They also provide sophisticated emulation and analytics capabilities that speed solutions development implementation. John Koenigs, President and CEO of GlobeRanger states, "Our Alliance with RedPrairie is a natural fit. Both companies have advanced RFID solutions that we integrated to create a superior offering for RedPrairie and GlobeRanger customers." RedPrairie Company Leader John Jazwiec comments, "Our visionary customers recognize RFID as a leading edge application to achieve the network-wide visibility and control they have wanted, but couldn't get until now. These advanced RFID data management solutions create competitive advantage and better responsiveness to customer needs. RedPrairie is pleased to partner with GlobeRanger to offer customers the best of the best in RFID technology." RedPrairie is also partnering with GlobeRanger at CHEP's Innovation Demo Center in Orlando, Florida. CHEP is using RedPrairie's visibility tool, LENS®, to demonstrate successful RFID tracking of inventory across the supply chain. In this demonstration, LENS provides real-time and historical visibility of CHEP pallets and associated products. It utilizes GlobeRanger's iMotion edgeware platform to process RFID data and interact with EPC Information Service to create summarized, end-to-end graphical views of customer supply chains.

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