RedPrairie debuts optimized, integrated platform for adaptive supply chains

RedPrairie Corp.’s DigitaLogistix Supply Chain Platform execution suite includes Tactical Optimization and Workflow Management applications, as well as RedPrairie's integration technology that enables integration of the platform with all internal, third-party and trading partner systems. This integrated approach will help companies to leverage existing technology while adding optimization, process management and workflow components.

The optimized, integrated and adaptive suite also forms the platform for evolution to new collaborative technology solutions such as RFID and other sensory networks, and global data synchronization technologies. This will enable visibility, communication and intelligent response across trading partner networks, increase supply chain velocity and improve data accuracy. It will also help companies to better respond to new regulatory and market compliance demands.

The DigitaLogistix supply chain platform covers four operations imperatives: supply chain execution, supply chain optimization, supply chain process management and data integration and workflow management. The execution and optimization layers are comprised of application suites for distribution management, transportation management and international trade logistics, labor productivity management, and asset tracking and security.

The process management and workflow applications that elevate execution and optimization operations to enterprise and network collaboration levels include visibility, event management and intelligent response, performance measurement, enterprise billing and reporting, trading partner integration and workflow management.

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