Softeons WMS features wave management capabilities

Softeon has announced a new generation of wave management capabilities in its ELITE series warehouse management system (WMS) application designed to give companies comprehensive control in the creation, release and execution of pick wave processes.

Wave processing enables companies to build manageable buckets of picking work for release to the floor. The ELITE tool helps coordinate the multiple variables involved in successful wave execution, such as overall work loads, resource availability, inventory allocation, consolidation requirements, and pick face replenishment.

Capabilities of the ELITE Series WMS include:

  • Wave creation tools that enable users to construct wave processing criteria, either as frequently implemented rules or on a dynamic basis.
  • Highly intelligent inventory allocation logic that optimizes where inventory will be sourced from in the distribution center based on unit of measure, order processing path and other variables.
  • Complete, real-time visibility to every stage of the wave completion process through order consolidation and truck loading, giving users views to execution process and bottlenecks from every order processing "route" included in the wave.
  • Real-time replenishment logic that provides users with multiple replenishment options and that flows picking work to the floor based on inventory availability at the pick face.
  • Ability to accurately calculate the resources requirement by work area and balance order release across those areas.
  • Comprehensive support for integration with material handling automation systems involved in order picking and wave processes, such as conveyor sortation systems, AS/RS and pick to light.
  • Real-time event management that alerts managers and supervisors to any exceptions or issues during wave execution.

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