Supply Chain Management Systems

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Supply chain management systems

Supply chain management (SCM) systems encompass software-based solutions that address supply chain planning and collaboration tasks. The goal of these applications is to coordinate assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer, in the process balancing supply and demand. SCM systems provide planning and forecasting, what-if scenario analysis, collaborative capabilities and real-time demand commitments.

After seeing widespread interest — some might characterize it as hype — in the late 1990s, the market for SCM solutions declined in the post-Sept. 11 economic slump. However, analysts now see this market as rebounding, and are projecting modest growth over the next few years.

The market for these solutions reached roughly $1.95 billion in 2003, according to AMR Research Inc. This is a slight increase from the $1.88 billion in sales in 2002, but is still off from the $2.26 billion in revenue in 2001, when the SCM market as a whole peaked and then precipitously dropped along with the rest of the tech market when the Internet bubble burst.

On these pages, you'll find our fifth annual survey of SCM software products, which represents the most comprehensive listing available of the major vendors and their solutions. More than 180 companies are represented in this directory, from software giants like SAP and Microsoft to emerging best-of-breed players.

We've identified the key supply chain planning capabilities of each offering, allowing you the ability to match up the right vendor to your specific needs. The information presented in the accompanying tables was provided by the vendors, and is also available on our website at LT

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January, 2004

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