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Deutsche Bahn's Schenker AG has completed the first test phase of its "smartbox" ocean container with special sensors and radio frequency identification technology (RFID) which provides status notification on condition of the load, container location, and security information such as door activity.
Schenker equipped 10 containers with global positioning technology (GPS) and RFID devices which could communicate current geographic coordinates, temperature levels, and security parameters. The units are in regular service between Hamburg, Germany and Hong Kong.

The first phase of testing was completed successfully, says Schenker.

Inttra, the e-commerce portal for the ocean freight industry, announced September was a record-breaking month with more than a million container transactions initiated through its portal. In total, the Inttra portal expects to process more than 10 million containers in 2007, doubling last year's volume.

Cisco Systems announced Datalogic Mobile's Pegaso and Falcon 4400 mobile computer products have been certified for CCX version 3. The mobile computer systems use communications drivers from Summit Data Communications. "Datalogic Mobile's support for Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCXv3) shows their continuing commitment to providing enterprise-level features such as security, quality of service, and fast, seamless roaming," said Ron Seide, president of Summit Data Communications. He continued, saying that this will provide the highest degree of interoperability with wireless local area network (LAN) infrastructure.

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