Top Ten Reasons to implement a WMS

10. You're receiving backlog is so bad, you haven't seen the dock floor since 1974.

9. It takes you so long to get product put away, your workers have taken to singing "The Fill Rate Blues."

8. Your order select methods have become so numerous and complicated, you're actively recruiting a rocket scientists from MIT to run the allocation process.

7. The warehouse is so full of product, you set up an overflow storage area in the lunch room where employees sit at full pallets rather than tables.

6. Product demand and velocity change so often that you began using an Ouija board to slot product.

5. Your picking productivity is so low you're considering benchmarking it as a reverse logistics operation.

4. You handle products so many times in the warehouse you start selling them as used.

3. You're considering purchasing turbo-charged forklifts to get replenishments done in a timely fashion.

2. Your auditors are so carried away with inventory accuracy, they want you to cycle count your inventory of vending machines in the lunchroom.

1. Your WMS stands for "Where's My Stuff?"

Compiled by Steve Galke, director of industry solutions, at the home office of Catalyst International,

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