TRAXUS Technologies introduces RFID universal translator

TRAXUS Technologies has announced EPC Director 2.0, a software application that provides a universal management layer for the major EPC-compliant RFID readers, interrogators and tags in their own language and translates RFID information into a standard data format for integration into back-end systems.

This translation ability enables organizations to add multi-vendor RFID capabilities to their existing supply chain systems and back-end solutions. EPC Director is available as a single user program as well as with OEM and private label options.

This software application allows hardware from multiple vendors in multiple locations to communicate with the organization's back-end infrastructure such as warehouse management, logistics, manufacturing and ERP systems that are already in place.

EPC Director 2.0 offers a full range of features including: cross platform capability to run on both Windows and Linux; a common user interface for configuring and managing readers from a range of vendors; zoning to create multiple portals (i.e., receiving, shipping, etc.) and capture, filter and report information from each portal; ability to run interactively or to run as a service; and a price point starting at less than $300 per license.

EPC Director works with the major EPC-compliant readers, interrogators and tags. The application can format RFID data from those devices into standard JDBC, XML or flat file transactions.

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