TydenBrammall introduces security seal for international shipments

The World Bolt security seal from TydenBrammall is a high-strength, tamper-resistant steel bolt seal for international cargo shipments that meets new U.S. Customs and Border Protection security rules. It meets specifications on pull, shear, bending and impact tests and meets ISO/PAS 17712 high security seal standards. The bolt is available in 3/8-inch and 5/16-inch diameters.

The lock body and bolt head are each encased in ABS plastic covers with identical serial numbers to prevent part substitution. Laser-engraved serial numbers on scored marking surfaces are designed to deter tampering; bar coding and color options are available. Sequential packaging facilitates seal custody and control, and the bolt seal cannot be removed without special cutters.

The World Bolt allows the application of a secondary seal to indicate in-transit or holdover yard verification of primary seal inspection.


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