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Uniform Code Council Announces Implementation Services Division

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. Jan. 29, 2002 - The Uniform Code Council (UCC), leaders in facilitating efficient international business, announced today the formation of its Implementation Services division, which focuses on a variety of activities to facilitate industry adoption of standards.

Since 1973, the UCC has actively pursued the development, establishment and critical mass adoption of industry standards, enabling its members to create true efficiencies within their supply chain. Today, the organization accounts for more than one million companies in 141 countries that have implemented industry standards as members of the EAN·UCC System.

The new Implementation Services group, which was formed as a result of growing demand by industry users, will dedicate itself to driving implementation of standards; developing products, services, and educational programs to serve the needs of UCC membership; and providing general support information to members and customers.

"The UCC continues its commitment in assisting industry in establishing and implementing standards in a timely manner to create business efficiencies," said Dennis Harrison, Vice President of Implementation Services for the UCC. "Our group will help members achieve business value by advancing standards adoption throughout their supply chain."

The Implementation Services group brings together personnel with a variety of professional backgrounds, accounting for more than 145 years of experience across industry sectors including retail, telecommunications and standards development.

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