Vantage Spins Off From RSI ID Technologies

Vantage will focus on data collection and process automation solutions, including bar codes, security seals, tamper-evident labels and wireless solutions not dependent on radio frequency identification (RFID).

“We have reached a pivotal juncture where we feel our customers will be better served by two companies, each providing a separate technology, than from one multi-technology provider,” said Nate Rubin, RSI co-founder and president of Vantage. “Vantage is well poised to capitalize on the extensive product marking and data collection experience they have, and we expect them to continue to be a leader in the field,” commented Wolf Bielas, RSI CEO and co-founder. He pointed out that while Vantage has shifted focus to non-RFID solutions, RSI will continue to provide RFID solutions to global markets.

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