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Voltek Adds Bar Code Scanning and RF Capability

Austin, Texas - March 31, 2004 - ClearOrbit, the leading provider of real-time supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, today announced that Voltek LLC is implementing ClearOrbit's Mobile and Desktop Automation for Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM).

Mobile and Desktop Automation provides a mobile bar code solution that allows Voltek to automatically capture critical transaction data on the manufacturing floor. A worldwide manufacturer of lightweight, high-performance, closed-cell foam products for health care, construction, automotive, athletic, and toys, Voltek will be using Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) OPM to blend raw materials into finished products.

While implementing Oracle OPM, Voltek immediately began searching for a mobile bar code solution to augment OPM. Voltek required a mobile bar code solution that would enable it to "scan" and "shoot" incoming raw materials (as it blends them to create finished product) and to track outgoing finished products. To obtain a mobile bar code solution-with both bar code reading and RF gun capability-Voltek faced substantial costs for custom software coding to build its own system and map it back to the Oracle enterprise data model. Voltek also estimated significant on-going costs simply to maintain and adjust custom modifications, as Oracle changed its system through point releases and patches.

ClearOrbit offered Voltek a standard product alternative to costly custom coding or third-party solutions, at far less than they would have spent to do it on their own. As Oracle rolls out new software versions, ClearOrbit maintains compatibility with Oracle and updates Voltek's mobile bar code reading capability as part of its service agreement, relieving Voltek of this costly and time-consuming worry.

"We thought we were facing an astronomical bill for custom coding to add the needed functionality to Oracle that it did not offer in its process manufacturing product," said Michael McDonald, Project Manager, at Voltek. "The cost avoidance offered by ClearOrbit was very compelling, and their experience with Oracle is unrivaled."

"Voltek is like many other companies in its search for alternatives to custom code for enhancing and augmenting Oracle," said Tom Dziersk President & CEO of ClearOrbit. "ClearOrbit was able to implement an affordable, Oracle-specific alternative to custom code, while mitigating Voltek's risk that changes in Oracle would negatively affect them. We are glad to welcome Voltek to a growing list of manufacturers who have chosen ClearOrbit to automate their transactions within Oracle Process Manufacturing."

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