We Pack Logistics Upgrades Technology

We Pack Logistics provides a range of packaging, warehousing, distribution, transportation and multimodal services to Fortune 500 companies. In operation since 1984, We Pack Logistics operates 16 facilities throughout Texas and North Carolina.

"We Pack Logistics chose to partner with Manhattan Associates to address the global demand for speed-to-market and accurate forecasting," said Holland Harper, general manager, We Pack Logistics. "We identified a need for a more robust platform to manage space, labor, and product mix. This technology upgrade will allow for real time inventory and improved interfacing with our customer's systems."

"By implementing Manhattan ILS, We Pack Logistics, and ultimately its customers, will establish benchmarks for on-time deliveries, cash-to-cash cycle time, inventory turns and forecasting accuracy," says Jeff Mitchell, executive vice president, Americas, Manhattan Associates. "They are a leader in their market, have ambitious business goals, and are expanding their services to meet even more of their customers' needs."


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