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Werner earns an HOS exemption thanks to paperless logs

Truckload carrier Werner Enterprises ( is using a global positioning system (GPS) to record and report its drivers' activities. This use of GPS technology has earned Werner a two-year exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ( from producing paper logs of drive and work time. The FMCSA sets and enforces driver Hours of Service regulations.

Werner's adoption of the technology dates back to 1992 with the installation of Qualcomm ( satellite communications systems in its trucks. After creating and supporting a management team to work toward upgrading safety and eliminating paper logs for drivers, Werner began testing its GPS-based paperless log system in 1995.

During the subsequent years of testing, the carrier ran both paper and paperless logs. Making the government aware of its efforts and receiving enthusiastic support from the FMCSA, Werner received authorization to discontinue use of paper logbooks.

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