Acme Distribution Selects Upp Technology's IRMS Warehouse System

Aug. 10, 2009
Acme Distribution Selects Upp Technology's IRMS Warehouse System

Acme Distribution “went live” at its Colorado 3PL warehouse with Upp Technology Inc.'s IRMS warehouse management system.

The Colorado third-party warehouse of Acme Distribution has gone live with the IRMS warehouse management systme (WMS) from Upp Technology Inc.

ACME Distribution implemented the WMS to balance workflow, increase order throughput and optimize inventory levels at its Colorado facility with expansion into Naperville, IL, Middletown, PA and Grand Prairie, TX. ACME which is headquartered in Denver, serves more than 400 clients with four facilities country-wide that total 2.5 million square feet of warehouse storage, with extensive transportation capabilities, and logistics services.

The order management feature will provide Acme with an uninterrupted visibility of inventory, orders, and associates in the warehouse for optimal workload planning, says the compnay. It will also aid in allocation of resources, increased order throughput and enhanced demand planning. The reporting and analytics feature will enable managers to wield power over information from the top-down, facilitating decision-making for performance-based processing, and increasing operational effectiveness.

The Inventory Management feature will provide virtually 100% inventory accuracy, faster and more streamlined warehouse operations, and space utilization, says the company. Real-time Dashboard metrics include: direct table data extraction, data export to any number of formats such as XML, built-in formats, and ad-hoc reporting and labeling. The system’s functionality also, includes radio frequency handhelds, cartonization (cubing), pick by carton/truck capabilities, as well as, customized customer level packing lists and bill of material.

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