Transite Technology Introduces Transportation Management Web Portal

June 23, 2009
Transite Technology's newly introduced Web portal is designed to provide customers of third party logistics providers (3PLs) with full transportation management functionality.

My Freight Portal 3PL is Transite Technology's latest effort to link customers of third party logistics providers (3PLs) and broker customers, according to Geoff Comrie, CEO of Transite. The portal enables logistics companies to integrate financial data related to their transportation—such as accounts payable and receivable—into their existing accounting packages, Comrie continued. Reports such as customer activity levels, financials, and patterns of carrier selection provide data critical in strengthening business and customer relationship management, he said.

The product integrates into the customer’s systems—ERP, eCommerce, web site—so they have the ability to manage and automate all aspects of the logistics lifecycle, from carrier selection and execution to freight audit, notes Comrie. Users of 3PL services can rate shop for their least-cost carrier, including transit times, and receive real-time tracking and shipment visibility and proactive notification upon delivery or change in status.

In addition, “Using My Freight Portal-3PL, the logistics company can enable the shipper customer to manage their markup and profit margin as they deliver products to their end customer,” said Comrie.