RFID Suppliers in Distribution Agreement

June 3, 2009
Equipment supplier Convergence Systems Limited will distribute radio frequency identification (RFID) tag maker Omni ID products under new agreement.

Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) will market and resell the full line of Omni-ID RFID tags to its network of system integrators (many located in Asia). CSL will also offer a starter solution bundle to its resellers that will include CSL's CS101 RFID Handheld reader, asset tracking software and Omni-ID RFID tags, according to CSL.

The partnership addresses longstanding RFID challenges of difficult-to-tag assets in the presence of materials such as metal or liquids, explains CSL. In benchmark testing performed earlier this year, the combination of the CSL hand-held and Omni-ID tags achieved read performance never before possible with passive tags on metal, says CSL.

"Omni-ID views the RFID industry from a different perspective than most other vendors in the space," said Tom Pavela, president and CEO of Omni-ID. "Instead of focusing on technology only, we first and foremost consider what deployment challenges may accompany an RFID rollout. CSL shares that view of the industry. By combining Omni-ID RFID tags with the mobility of the CSL handheld reader, our joint customers will have a complete solution at a very attractive price."

“Far too often, vendors have a singular focus and make the mistake of believing that an RFID implementation is only about one component," said Jerry Garrett, managing director of Convergence Systems Limited. "At CSL, we realize that our readers are only a piece of the puzzle.”


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