Fiberlink and Neoteris Join Forces

July 28, 2003
BLUE BELL, Pa., July 28, 2003 - Fiberlink Communications, a leading provider of remote access and security solutions, today announced a partnership with

BLUE BELL, Pa., July 28, 2003 - Fiberlink Communications, a leading provider of remote access and security solutions, today announced a partnership with Neoteris Inc., a leading Application Security Gateway vendor, to integrate Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology into Fiberlink's next-generation remote access platform. With this addition, Fiberlink's comprehensive platform now employs "best in class" SSL remote access solutions, bringing together two companies frequently cited by foremost industry analysts as leaders in the remote access market.

"Recent interest and demand for SSL-based remote access solutions has surged," said John Girard, vice president and research director of networking at Gartner, Inc. "This announcement builds momentum for the trend for managed service providers to offer portable remote access to customers in order to cost-effectively streamline management and deployment through SSL technology."

Fiberlink is the first U.S. company to deliver Neoteris' SSL remote access technology to customers as part of a fully managed, secure remote access solution. This partnership enables enterprises to provide their mobile workers and business partners with the ease and ubiquity of SSL-based access that is fully integrated with their Fiberlink remote access and security solution. Enterprises are under increasing pressure to support a growing business ecosystem of satellite offices, remote and roaming employees, partners and customers without compromising security and control regardless of device or access method, and without significantly increasing costs. SSL technology gives companies the convenience of secure access to vital business data, anytime, anywhere, via a Web browser.

Fiberlink will offer Neoteris' SSL-based Access Series* product family as a managed services option to its extensible, policy-centric platform. As the Neoteris Access Series requires no incremental client hardware or software, no changes to the LAN, and virtually no desktop support, Fiberlink's integrated solution delivers easy-to-deploy managed remote access and security at a lower total cost of ownership than conventional methods of remote access. Combined with Fiberlink's current offerings of IPSec virtual private network, distributed firewall, anti-virus, reporting and policy management, Fiberlink provides the most comprehensive and adaptable remote access platform to maximize business flexibility and agility in the expanding ecosystem of the global workspace.

"Our partnership with Neoteris eliminates the need for enterprises to commit to one security protocol over another," said Skip Taylor, vice president of product marketing at Fiberlink. "Using this technology, Fiberlink integrates best-in-class SSL and IPSec solutions through a fully managed, policy-centric platform enabling customers to optimize worker productivity, mitigate business risk, and reduce total cost of ownership."

Larry Link, vice president of sales at Neoteris, added, "A number of our customers have asked for a managed access service option when provisioning secure Web-based access. Our partnership with Fiberlink provides customers with more deployment options, as well as broadens the global reach for the Neoteris products."

The Neoteris Access Series acts as a secure, application-layer gateway intermediating all requests between users on the public Internet and internal corporate resources. Featuring SSL/HTTPS 128-bit encryption, authentication and extensive policy controls, CIOs and IT managers are assured that their enterprise networks receive rock-solid, policy-centric security while boosting employee productivity and facilitating intelligent access to critical business and information assets. From any Internet-connected Web browser, users can access rich, Web-based enterprise applications, Java applications, file shares and access to terminal hosts, in addition to proxy access to client/server applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

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