TrueDemand launches to offer predictive RFID solutions

Aug. 9, 2005
A new company, TrueDemand Software Inc., has launched as a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) applications for manufacturers and retailers.

A new company, TrueDemand Software Inc., has launched as a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) applications for manufacturers and retailers. The company is backed by $6 million in funding from Mayfield and Bay Partners. TrueDemand’s first applications are currently being tested with customers and partners and are expected to be generally available by the end of 2005

“Many Fortune 500 companies have yet to realize the benefits of RFID,” says Steve Banker, service director, supply chain management, ARC Advisory Group. “These companies are searching for additional savings to offset the costs of compliance. One promising area, spearheaded by TrueDemand Software, is better demand forecasting based upon new forms of optimization.”

TrueDemand will deliver a class of applications designed to turn RFID-generated data into actionable information. These applications will transform global supply chains from reactive chains to predictive and intelligent demand driven networks. The company is led by CEO Eric Peters, formerly of supply chain software provider Manhattan Associates and consulting firm Accenture. Co-founders include supply chain experts Stanford University’s Hau Lee and Raymond Blanchard, formerly with enterprise software prvider SAP.

“TrueDemand is focused on helping companies realize rapid and early gains from their investment in RFID technology in the supply chain,” says Peters. “Companies want RFID to go beyond tactical improvements gained from their initial slap and ship efforts to extracting real value from limited RFID information with business applications that will reduce costs and improve supply chain performance, such as reducing inventory and out-of-stocks. Our suite of RFID applications addresses the issue of providing more insight and intelligence to limited RFID data to deliver tangible gains.”

TrueDemand’s predictive solutions will:

* Combine new ePC data with transactional operations data to reduce supply and demand uncertainty;

* Work in combined RFID and non-RFID environments by augmenting demand signals, such as POS and logistics data, with RFID events;

* Provide business applications and predictive analytics tools to proactively address the key sources of out-of-stocks before they occur, from creating better retail store order forecasts to store execution, distribution, merchandising and manufacturer collaboration applications;

* Utilize inventory movement information as advanced demand signals to provide proactive and actionable intelligence and analytics;

* Provide a single integrated inventory, planning and execution environment for retailers and manufacturers;

* Enable rapid and accurate responses to unexpected demand or supply shifts;

* Significantly reduce forecast error, out-of-stocks and safety stock; and

*Compliment and integrate with existing planning solutions.

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