Software Boosts Sliding Shoe Sorter Capacity and Speed

Jan. 1, 2007
New sortation subsystem increases existing sorter capacity.

When Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (Chesapeake, Va., wanted to increase one of its distribution center’s throughput without expanding one of the facility, it implemented UniSort MXT software from FKI Logistex (St. Louis,

"UniSort MXT technology allowed us to increase our sortation rates significantly," says Doug Drews, v.p., distribution center operations. "With some minor hardware changes, FKI Logistex enabled us to support our continuing growth and outbound volume without adding additional run-time. As a result, we are better able to leverage our existing system infrastructure."

The software is a new sortation subsystem that distribution and manufacturing facilities can use to increases sorter density to absorb peak product demand on a daily or seasonal basis. The software's algorithms optimize merging, induction and sortation, enabling rates well in excess of 300 cartons per minute, the industry's peak throughput level attainable to date.

A PC-based upgrade to new or existing systems, the UniSort MXT software module produces higher throughputs by maximizing product density without the machine wear caused by increases in sorter speeds. The software is said to extend a sorter's effective life, while reducing overall cost, maintaining accuracy, decreasing noise and energy levels, and improving ROI.

UniSort MXT software can increase the throughput of any sliding shoe sortation system. The module is designed for optimal performance in systems using servo-based induction and high-speed merging, though fixed-speed induction systems. The software will also benefit other configurations.

Source: FKI Logistex