Power2Ship's MobileMarket lets shippers track in-transit inventory with real-time data

Aug. 23, 2004
The Power2Ship (P2S) MobileMarket is a dynamic data application that enables shippers to electronically identify carriers' unused capacity and track goods

The P2S MobileMarket provides an interface between shippers and carriers through its Continuous Movement Tool (CMT) - an internet-based asset management system that identifies and tracks carrier assets. Carriers enter data regarding their drivers, tractors, trailers and current moving loads. The CMT processes this real-time information and dynamically predicts when and where a carrier asset is going to be located once it has delivered its current load. Shippers using the P2S MobileMarket can identify this "future available capacity," view the carriers' prices and choose the closest available carrier at the best price.

When a Member-Shipper enters shipment details into the P2S MobileMarket, a results page of qualified carriers meeting the shipper's predefined load, performance and pricing requirements is displayed. Shippers can access Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and historical performance information prior to selecting a carrier. In addition, shippers are automatically notified of potential delivery delays so they can proactively implement contingency plans and adjust schedules.

Power2Ship has also developed a PDA application that can generate an Electronic Bill of Lading (BOL) to allow for electronic signature capture at pick-up and delivery, as well as any exception notification collected from the driver. This information is communicated to the P2S MobileMarket and all parties involved in the transaction are instantly updated.


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