USCS To Deploy Psion Teklogix Mobile Devices

June 10, 2009
United States Cold Storage will use ruggedized mobile devices in 30 warehouse sites nationwide.

As part of a continuing effort to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the warehouse, refrigerated public warehouse operator United States. Cold Storage (USCS) is deploying ruggedized handheld and vehicle-mounted computers at 30 sites across the country.

A customer of Psion Teklogix since 1997, USCS has over 1,000 mobile and handled radio frequency devices deployed. The devices are in the field from receiving to picking and stacking to shipping, and are tasked with managing inventory and orders wirelessly in real-time.

“For over a decade, we have been very impressed by the functionality, durability and reliability of Psion Teklogix’ rugged mobile devices,” said Terry Groff, IT RF tech specialist at USCS. “They are built like tanks. Many of the units initially deployed in the 1990s are still working extremely well today. As we phase out the older narrowband units and convert to the 802.11 technology standard with Psion Teklogix’ 7530 G2 flexible, rugged handheld and the 8525 G2 wireless vehicle mount computer, we look forward to getting the same type of exceptional results and reliability delivered by the older models.”

USCS needed devices that can withstand the harsh, extreme environments in which the goods are stored. The Psion Teklogix devices are able to operate in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Farenheit and exhibit a battery life that can last through the whole day without recharging.

USCS is among the top five largest public refrigerated warehouse companies in the country. It operates more than 155 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and handling space in 30 facilities located in ten states. The company employs approximately 1,350 service professionals. More than 35% of all goods it handles are destined for international use or consumption.

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