Logistics Firm Goes Paperless

June 10, 2009
D.W. Morgan Company has eliminated paper waybills, reducing paper consumption by 150,000 pages per year.

“At D.W. Morgan Co., the paper way bill has gone the way of leaded gasoline and land yachts,” said David W. Morgan, CEO and founder of D.W. Morgan Company. “This move is not only good for business, it’s good for the planet.” The company developed an application for the Apple iPhone to communicate real-time shipment tracking reports and recipient signatures to its global customer base. The “iPhone app” is integrated into the company’s ChainLinq Suite of transportation and inventory-management applications.

By going paperless, the company says it has removed some 150,000 pieces of paper—a stack as tall as a five-story building—from the consumption cycle each year. Eliminating the paper way bill also reduces the company’s material and labor costs, it says.

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