System Logistics Merges with Diamond Phoenix

Jan. 25, 2010
Diamond Phoenix and System Logistics have merged and the company will now operate under the name System Logistics Corp. As a full service systems integrator, the company will provide intelligent design and material handling equipment implementation, advanced software and order fulfillment technologies

The merger between Diamond Phoenix and System Logistics has been completed and the company is now operating under the name System Logistics Corp., a member of the Italian company, System Group S.p.A. The company joined System Logistics in September of 2009.

The merger between the two companies will offer customers a wider mix of order fulfillment technology and service offerings, including a global system design team, dedicated research and development teams, enhanced concept simulations, and advanced testing and analysis of material handling data for intra-logistic solutions.

Among the wider mix of technologies being offered by the company is the Modula Vertical Lift Module, as well as a suite of warehouse management software solutions. Laser guided vehicles, stacker cranes and closed circuit vehicles are also among the family of available technology that are utilized in the implementation of their material handling system designs.

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