Ripley Implements On-Demand WMS in Four DCs

Oct. 21, 2010
South American retailer Ripley expects on-demand WMS to result in savings as well as time-to-market cycle time reductions

Ripley Corp S.A., one of the largest retailers in Chile and Peru, plans to implement an on-demand warehouse management system (WMS) in four regional distribution facilities across Chile beginning this month. Its deployment is expected to reduce Ripley’s annual costs associated with hardware, implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

The WMS, provided by LogFire, features a scalable pricing model, which was a key selling point to Ripley. The retailer expects to benefit from advanced direct-to-consumer capabilities in the software, as well as retail functionality including the ability to execute value-added services and manage reverse logistics.

In the future, the web based application will also help to improve upstream visibility by enabling Ripley’s vendors to collaborate online with the retailer in order to create advanced shipment notices (ASNs), barcode labels and shipping documentation.

Upon the completion of the implementation, Ripley’s supply chain will facilitate the shipping of 70,000 active SKUs from 38 countries to 51 stores. The four regional distribution facilities along with its reverse logistics operation will utilize the LogFire solution in conjunction with Ripley’s 650,000 square foot national DC located in Santiago, Chile.

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