Siemens Dematic Deploys MatrixOne Program

Jan. 22, 2003
Westford, Mass. - January 21, 2003 - MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: MONE), a leading provider of collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions

Westford, Mass. - January 21, 2003 - MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: MONE), a leading provider of collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for the value chain, today announced that Siemens Dematic's Material Handling Automation division, a global engineering company specializing in material handling system automation, has implemented the MatrixOne Program Central application to support operations in North America and Europe.

With the detailed program information on processes, products, and configurations stored in MatrixOne Program Central, Siemens Dematic can increase profitability and reduce the time required to install its material handling systems by more frequently reusing components, designs, and successful global development processes in its highly engineered-to-order solutions.

MatrixOne Program Central is a unified environment for coordinating multiple, large-scale programs to provide globally distributed collaborative participants with real-time visibility into all project information and status, from both MatrixOne solutions and other systems. A long-term user of the eMatrix Collaboration PlatformÔ for engineering change and bill-of-material (BOM) management, Siemens Dematic's recent deployment of MatrixOne Program Central enables the company to more effectively manage programs across globally distributed facilities while also providing a complete electronic program archive and collaboration environment for more than 2,500 Siemens Dematic employees, customers, and suppliers around the world.

In a highly engineered-to-order environment where, for example, a warehouse handling system designed for Wal-Mart varies significantly from a baggage handling system at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, total solutions provided by Siemens Dematic are unique to each customer and each installation. The collaboration environment underlying MatrixOne Program Central enables Siemens Dematic users around the world, as well as the company's customers and suppliers, to access and reuse information, designs, and installation strategies that were previously successful. This can increase profitability by giving all users an in-depth understanding of how a project was completed in the past and what roadblocks to avoid. MatrixOne Program Central also enables Siemens Dematic to collaborate across design and manufacturing centers located around the world as well as with customers and suppliers to more quickly design, manufacture, and install its engineered-to-order automated material handling systems.

"As a leader in the PLM market, MatrixOne's solid architecture, vision, and willingness to enter into a close working relationship with Siemens Dematic ensured successful implementation," said Jeff Davey, manager, Integrated Engineering Toolset - Americas, at Siemens Dematic. "With MatrixOne Program Central, Siemens Dematic gains greater global customer system configuration accessibility, increased solution quality, reduced project cycle time, and the ability to replicate solutions around the world."

"By giving people the right documentation at the right place at the right time, as well as the ability to easily find and reuse information, collaboration through MatrixOne solutions drives improvements in efficiency and productivity," said Mike Segal, senior vice president of customer success for MatrixOne. "Siemens Dematic is at the forefront of its industry in recognizing this value and the benefits that can be derived from a single, unified environment for managing multi-project programs. As MatrixOne is with all customers, we are committed to the success of Siemens Dematic's MatrixOne solution implementations and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure all future efforts remain on time and on budget."

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