rfXcel and Activant Partner for Drug Traceability

Oct. 12, 2009
Activant business management systems and rfXcel's track and trace systems combine for pharmaceutical e-pedigree.

Activant Solutions Inc. and rfXcel Corp. have signed a partnership agreement. The two will provide Activant customers with the ability to trace pharmaceuticals and ingredients from origin to destination, says rfXcel. This will enable a quick and less costly response to supply chain incidents and recalls and provide compliance with government regulations

“Our partnership with rfXcel will give our medical supply customers traceability and pedigree capabilities," said Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager of Activant, a leading technology provider to medical distributors. "This powerful combination of the Activant Distribution Suite and rfXcel’s pedigree and traceability solutions will provide a much-needed ability to trace products in the supply chain and produce government compliant pedigrees as well as respond quickly and accurately to any problems encountered there.”

“We’re pleased that our partnership with Activant will create a great opportunity to easily provide a solution for product pedigree and traceability to Activant’s customers,” added Jack Tarkoff, vice president of sales at rfXcel

Integration of rfXcel’s pedigree and traceability systems with Activant’s Prophet 21 system is through a direct interface, enabling Activant customers to access rfXcel products, including the Active ePedigree Management System and the Raw Materials, Ingredients & Finished Goods Traceability products. Pedigree tracking is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state requirement that compels pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to track drugs throughout the supply chain. rfXcel’s Traceability solution provides customers with the ability to trace both internal and external transactions and provide complete traceability from the origin of the raw materials or ingredients, through the manufacturing of the finished goods, all the way to the retailer or dispenser in one system, said rfXcel.

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