BorgSolutions Introduces Fleet Maintenance for Dealers

Nov. 9, 2009
Borg Fleet Linked Edition, is the industry’s first fleet maintenance management solution built specifically for the dealer/service provider, says BorgSolutions

BorgSolutions’ fleet maintenance management solution Linked Edition allows dealers/service providers to communicate directly with fleet managers, automating parts and service requests, says the company.

Borg Fleet Linked Edition functions as a module built onto Borg Fleet, offering additional views and functionalities beyond its fleet maintenance management solution, says BorgSolutions. The Linked Edition improves on Borg Fleet’s Web-based software-as-a-service, which utilizes a proprietary technology to facilitate predictive maintenance, streamline work orders, fuel and inventory management, resource allocation, repair scenarios and scheduling through real-time data collection and analytics. It acts as a real-time, direct connection for a preferred dealer/service provider to the end-user fleet manager.

“Dealers are looking for additional avenues to increase service and parts sales as well as streamline this process. Out of this need, BorgSolutions has created Borg Fleet Linked Edition; a true link for dealers and service providers to communicate, in real-time with fleet managers, better service their customers and increase sales and marketing opportunities,” said Chris Borg, CEO, BorgSolutions.