Growth Drives New WMS for NVC Logistics Group

Feb. 11, 2009
NVC Logistics Group announced the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With multiple warehouse locations situated in major metro markets, NVC Logistics Group announced the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

With three asset-based facilities covering major markets, NVC Logistics Group wanted to improve warehouse efficiency and logistics operations. NVC selected the warehouse management system (WMS) from SmartTurn to improve visibility and accuracy, reduce costs and enhance client service.

Growing from a single facility to three warehouse locations over the past 16 months, improving warehouse efficiency and logistics operations productivity was essential, said NVC.

"As we continue to grow the business and fill our warehouses, improving visibility and control over the receipt, storage and shipment of goods throughout our facilities is imperative", said Bob Kovacs, SVP Operations for NVC. "This system allows us to achieve these initial goals while also providing the flexibility to expand our service offerings across our warehouses in Northern New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles."

"As importantly, it easily integrated with our proprietary tracking system, financial software and mobile scanning devices", said Kovacs.

In addition to handling home and business deliveries, an essential piece of NVC's business includes field exchange and product returns. Coupled with their warehousing and distribution capabilities, the warehouse became a very busy, labor intensive area. The SmartTurn WMS will scan and capture data on the spot in the warehouse, provide better visibility on quantities and bin locations, and monitor the flow of items moving through the warehouses.

"Greater efficiency and better visibility translate to improved service and reduced cost", said Paul Henrici, President, NVC Logistics Group. "With the new WMS, not only will we see increased accuracies in the receiving process, but productivity improvements will be realized in both the warehouse and in the office through improved sorting, storing, cross-docking, processing, data collection and financial reporting," he said. "Our clients will be the beneficiaries of this improved service through more accurate information and timely deliveries."