Nothing fishy about this RFID project

Sept. 15, 2004
Beaver Street Fisheries, one of the nation's largest distributors of frozen seafood and meat, has implemented an RFID compliance solution built on GlobeRanger's

Franwell and The Danby Group worked with Beaver Street Fisheries to deploy Franwell's rfid>Genesis solution to meet upcoming compliance deadlines. In the near future, Beaver Street Fisheries plans to leverage RFID technologies to track cases and pallets of frozen fish at the company's seafood processing and packing plants for improved inventory management.

The initial implementation phase includes setting up compliance stations where RFID labels are encoded with a Zebra R110 smart label printer/encoder and applied to cases of tilapia, crab, lobster and other frozen fish products and then validated through a RFID portal.

Beaver Street Fisheries' long-term RFID vision is to involve its network of suppliers to apply RFID labels at the source and leverage information on the RFID tags to meet legal data requirements such as method of catch, catch weight, country of origin and date codes.

Beaver Street Fisheries was named Supplier of the Fourth Quarter 2003 by the food division of Wal-Mart. The award recognizes a merchant's contributions to the growth of the Wal-Mart food team.

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