GE Teams Up with Avery Dennison to Commercialize RFID

Jan. 28, 2011
Agreement will bring to market RFID-based wireless sensor technology that can detect and measure chemical, physical and biological conditions in a variety of applications

General Electric, acting through its Technology Ventures operation, plans to commercialize its Radio Frequency Sensing technology (RFS) through a commercial license to the RFID division of Avery Dennison. The proprietary RFS technology will enable a range of low-cost wireless sensing products in a series of applications, including industrial, food & beverage, packaging and pollution prevention.

GE RF Sensing technology provides a platform for passive, wireless sensing capability. Built on traditional RFID technology, these sensors can detect toxic industrial chemicals, volatile organic compounds, as well as biological agents and physical parameters. Developed by a team of scientists and engineers at GE Global Research, this sensing approach is capable of providing selective quantification of chemical agents with low detection limits, and can operate in the presence of ambient humidity and other interferences.

The sensors comprise HF RFID tags laminated with unique films, and work in combination with a proprietary reader that interrogates the tag to read both the RFID tag data and the complex RF waveform associated with the chemical, biological or physical measurement.

In the upcoming months, GE and Avery Dennison will collaborate to engage partners and conduct RF Sensor technical field trials of applications for relevant industries such as pharmaceutical, food assurance and agriculture.