Dupré Logistics Improves Driver Productivity with E-Log System

Nov. 24, 2009
Dupré Logistics has improved driver productivity and safety with electronic log system

Dupré Logistics is enjoying increased productivity and driver safety thanks to its use of an electronic log system. The electronic system mounted on a truck replaces the traditional paper log generated manually by truck drivers, allowing for better accuracy and compliance with fatigue rules resulting in increased safety performance.

In the two years Dupré has been using the system, the benefit most commonly reported by drivers is the increased simplicity of using the system. It allows drivers to focus on their driving without having to keep a paper log. “The system is really user-friendly,” says professional driver Calvin Bourque, a 23 year veteran of Dupré Logistics. “It allows me to shift my focus from keeping an accurate log to being fully engaged driving and working with the client.”

Dupré began testing the system in January 2006 and has been using it in its entire fleet since the summer of 2007.

Drivers sign on and off of the in-truck computer, explains Al Lacombe, director of safety. “The GPS system and the computer in the truck take care of the complexities of logging. The data captured in the truck is automatically transmitted via satellite to the Dupre’ central computer system where the data is audited for compliance with federal regulations and fed into a variety of management applications, such as payroll, fuel tax reporting, activity-based costing systems and the Dupre’ predictive analytics system for safety powered by Fleet Rick Advisors.”

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