Mitsui Chemicals Picks Polymer Solution for New Plant

March 25, 2003
AUSTIN, Texas -- March 24, 2003 -- Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. has selected Pavilion Technologies Inc. Process Perfecter to provide advanced process control

AUSTIN, Texas -- March 24, 2003 -- Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. has selected Pavilion Technologies Inc. Process Perfecter® to provide advanced process control and optimization at Mitsui's new polypropylene production facility (GPP plant) in Takaishi city, Osaka, Japan. Mitsui selected Pavilion's polymer solution to stabilize operations, secure product quality, and minimize transition loss, with minimum operating staff.

By constructing the new GPP plant, Mitsui will strengthen its global competitiveness and reinforce Osaka Works as a key propylene center. Mitsui's GPP plant will adopt the new polypropylene process, Hypol II, developed by Mitsui, and its production of 300,000 metric tons per year will be among the worlds best.

Mitsui has a long history of using Pavilion's products in many major plants and they are producing successful results. "We selected Pavilion for this important new facility based on the company's ability to provide software practical for development and maintenance of our control system, resources with extensive knowledge and experience, and successful results achieved in our plants and those of other leading companies," said Shigeki Hayashi, director of GPP plant construction department at Mitsui.

"The addition of Mitsui's GPP project to Pavilion's customer portfolio reinforces the valuable role Pavilion's advanced process control solutions play in building a best-in-class facility," said Doug Johnson, chief operating officer at Pavilion. "We are honored they have selected us again, and look forward to delivering year-over-year benefits for years to come."

Similar Pavilion polyolefin clients have reported the following benefits:
… Increase production rate of each train by 2-8%,
… Reduce transition times by 30-50%,
… Increase prime product consistency by 50-70%,
… Decrease catalyst, co-monomer consumption 2-3%,
… Decrease maintenance costs

Pavilion is the world's leading provider of advanced process control and optimization solutions to the polymer industry. With the largest polymer engineering team and patent portfolio, Pavilion has the largest customer install base in the industry.

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