An Intimate Look at RFID

June 17, 2011
Maidenform adopts RFID solution to implement item-level tagging

Maidenform Brands Inc., a manufacturer of intimate apparel, has selected CYBRA as the solution provider for its RFID item-level EPC tagging initiative. The CYBRA solution, based on EdgeMagic, will encode and validate RFID-tagged items.

The RFID solution will enable Maidenform to address a wide range of auto-ID printing and encoding needs, such as fabric care labels, carton labels, and other documents in addition to the item-level RFID tags, explains Sheila White, Maidenform’s vice president, U.S. distribution. CYBRA was chosen largely due to its experience with other apparel makers.

The EdgeMagic software will enable any Maidenform application to print GS1 carton labels, fabric care labels, price tickets, electronic forms, plastic ID cards and other database-published documents with little or no programming, notes Harold Brand, CEO of CYBRA.

The Maidenform item-level RFID tagging and validation solution will be deployed across multiple packing stations driven by a central server running CYBRA’s EdgeMagic RFID software. CYBRA will further supply all RFID hardware, including readers and antennas from Alien Technology, RFID printers from Zebra Technologies, bar code and RFID scanners from Motorola and bar code scanners from Honeywell. Besides the software and hardware, CYBRA will deliver a full turnkey system, including site survey and tag testing, installation, configuration, system testing and training.

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