Schenectady International Standardizes and Streamlines Global Operations

Feb. 4, 2003
ATLANTA February 4, 2003 -- Ross Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROSS), a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturers, announced

ATLANTA February 4, 2003 -- Ross Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROSS), a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturers, announced today that Schenectady International, Inc. has licensed the full suite of iRenaissance ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications. Schenectady will deploy these applications throughout their global operations, replacing its current systems and automating manual processes to increase efficiencies and promote standardization.

Schenectady International is a privately held chemicals company producing a wide range of products including: Magnet wire enamels, insulating varnishes, coatings and adhesive resins, electronic chemicals, imaging products, rubber compounding resins, mono-alkyphenols, di- and tri- alkyphenols, alklcresols, Xylenols, antioxidants, pyridines, friction materials, and Bectron© coatings for electronics. Schenectady operates 25 production sites in 14 countries.

“With an increasingly diverse product mix manufactured across global operations, we must drive best-practices throughout the company to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained while maximizing efficiencies,” said Wallace Graham, Chairman and CEO of Schenectady International. “Our initial automation efforts were progressing too slowly to address our needs. Some plants were waiting in the queue while others were taking 15 months to implement our prior ERP package. We had to find a better fit that would cost-effectively enable us to quickly address our critical needs. We found the iRenaissance ERP applications from Ross Systems.”

Specifically designed for manufacturers in the chemicals, life sciences, food and beverage, metals and natural product industries, iRenaissance provides a deep functional fit and a low total cost of ownership, without the unnecessary overhead of a generalized ERP system.

“Building on our prior experience, we conducted a thorough evaluation of Ross, their iRenaissance applications, and their consulting services,” said Allen Look, Director – Global IT. “We spoke with, and visited several of Ross’ customers who measured their implementations in weeks. Their cost savings resulting from rapid implementations was a significant factor in our decision to partner with Ross. Because iRenaissance delivers a very close functional fit to our requirements, we estimate a savings in multiple millions of dollars compared to upgrading our current applications. Additionally, cultural fit is very important to us and Ross proved itself to be the kind of company we want to do business with. They demonstrated outstanding business partnerships with their customers, and an intense focus on addressing the current and future needs of our industry.”

“Schenectady is recognized as a global leader in chemicals, having literally invented some of the industries they serve,” said J. Patrick Tinley, Chairman and CEO of Ross Systems. “They are also a very sophisticated, quality-conscious buyer of enterprise systems with a thorough knowledge of their global requirements and hands-on experience with the limitations of generalized systems. This is the beginning of a long-term, highly beneficial relationship for both Schenectady International and Ross Systems.”

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