Oracle and E2open Integrate Solutions

Nov. 9, 2009
Oracle and E2open announced E2open Logistics Newtork is now available for Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle and E2open announced E2open Logistics Network (ELN) is now available as an integrated connectivity solution for Oracle Transportation Management. This simplifies the effort of establishing electronic integration between shippers, transportation carriers, and logistics service providers, say the companies.

Electronic connectivity enables the advantages of timely and accurate information, lower transaction costs, and unlimited scalability, says E2open. ELN offers several capabilities, including pre-built integrations with Oracle Transportation Management, a network of existing (reusable) connections to logistics-related trading partners, support for nearly all trading partner integration methods, and advanced self-service Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) tools, continues E2open.

“Customers have been asking us for a simplified way to establish electronic connectivity between Oracle Transportation Management and their transportation trading partners,” said Derek Gittoes, vice president, Logistics Product Strategy for Oracle. “By combining leading connectivity and transportation management capabilities, ELN gives Oracle Transportation Management customers a compelling alternative to help reduce their integration timeframes and costs.”

“Transportation processes are inherently network-centric, involving the exchange of information between many external parties, including carriers, suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers,” said Adrian Gonzalez, director of Logistics Viewpoints at ARC Advisory Group. “Establishing and maintaining connectivity with a dynamic set of trading partners is an integral component of a transportation management system, but when evaluating solutions, many companies fail to consider the time, cost, and resources required to enable and manage a connectivity network.”

“We are excited to team with Oracle to dramatically simplify connectivity for Oracle Transportation Management customers compared to traditional approaches,” said Mark Woodward, CEO of E2open. “Our business process-centric approach, combined with our SaaS-based delivery of integration capabilities, reduces the time and cost necessary to achieve the benefits of automating logistics-related processes.”


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