Apriso Launches Warehouse Management System

May 23, 2008
Apriso, a provider of adaptive software solutions for global manufacturing operations management, announced the first enterprise warehouse management system (WMS) specifically designed and built for manufacturers.

By natively integrating warehouse operations with production processes, the company says its WMS helps eliminate idle inventory, provides complete traceability across production and supply chain and drives lean initiatives as a comprehensive material flow management system.

“The implementation of a warehouse management system built from a manufacturer’s perspective offers a differentiated approach to extend lean initiatives into the warehouse,” commented Steve Banker, director of supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group. “Pull systems such as Kanban, Just-In-Time and Just-In-Sequence are common within best in class manufacturers. The implementation of a platform supporting business processes spanning production and material flows adds a new level of performance improvement, driving further waste from already lean processes.”

According to Apriso, as a module of the FlexNet Operations Execution System,FlexNet Warehouse Management for Manufacturers delivers a comprehensive solution to synchronize raw materials, components and semi-finished goods with production, manufacturing, fabrication and assembly operations. By leveraging the benefits of FlexNet’s Global Manufacturing Suite, this material flow management system can be deployed locally at the warehouse while being managed globally, across the enterprise, to allow lean, quality and other continuous improvement initiatives to spread from a pilot site across a global enterprise.

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